"Through my work with CBS Television Group, I have known Emma Birchill-Macatee for approximately eight years. We first met when she was sent to our station as a trainer for putting our station onto their systems & processes. Emma successfully helped convert our station and worked diligently with our management team to put new process in place. We have continued to work together over the years bouncing ideas back and forth to find ways to help each of our individual stations. When I am stumped on an idea or project I will reach out to Emma to tap into her knowledge-base of information. Emma is a delight to work with. Her personality makes her capable of working with even the most challenging of people. She is completely knowledgeable of systems and process that are in place. She is perceptive, emphatic, and committed to every task she takes on. Emma is in tune with many organizational needs, as well as creativity in solving problems. I have never encountered a more capable or hard-working person. I would recommend her indeed!"

Denise Dituri,
Traffic Manager, CBS Television Stations

**************** "Emma is the most knowledgeable and efficient Operations Manger that I know in the CBS Television Group. I have asked for her opinion and help over the years and have always received the most direct and quickest response and resolution to any problem. I have a very high regard for Emma."

Diane Mielenz,
Traffic Manager, CBS Television Stations

**************** "Emma is an extremely detailed minded Operations Manager. She is a tireless worker and deals with her responsibilities on a 24/7 basis. Emma does a great job in thinking through issues/problems/dilemas in order to present the best solution that works for the station and advertiser. Emma is truly a team player and incredible asset to the sales team, as well as both stations. She has a great attitude and is a joy to work with."

Mitch Klein,
Sales Manager, CBS Television Stations

**************** "Over the last few years I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Emma on many projects and campaigns in the entertainment/event production arena. She is extremely organized, efficient, and dependable. Her vast knowledge & ability to stay on top of changes that can occur on a daily basis is impeccable. Emma is a forward thinker and always 2 steps ahead to seek out creative solutions. My referral would come with the highest recommendations!"

Michael Szymanski, President, MPS Productions,
Founder, Suburban Roots Concert Series


“Emma asked me to endorse her, but I refuse too. I don't want to give her any ammunition to leave as she does a great job for us . . . actually, has performed excellently from various posts in the company! (Ooops, guess I endorsed her after-all.)” December 15, 2008

JW Linkenauger , VP Application Development , CBS Television


“I had the wonderful chance of working directly with Emma at CBS Television Stations Digital Media. As a veteran at the CBS Stations, Emma is well-known and well-liked within the corporation. She is extremely organized, detail and deadline-oriented and has extensive knowledge of ad trafficking and overall ad ops process. Emma would be a great asset to any operations team!” December 10, 2008

Lorin Bona , Sales Operations Traffic Specialist , CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group


“Emma is one of the hardest working ASM's that I have had the pleasure to work with. She is quick on her toes solving all problems that may arise in a timely matter and is a vital asset to have along side me as a colleague. She helps out tremendously with all creative, trafficking and scheduling of client campaigns and for that I would be lost without her. Emma's great talents and abilities will help her to succeed above and beyond in the World of Digital Sales.” December 9, 2008

Jennifer Franz , Digital Operations Coordinator , CBS TV Stations Digital Media Group


"I've had the pleasure to work with Emma not only as a colleague but as a collaborator in promoting events.

She has been invaluable in helping me market live music events. She is very quick with turn around and prolific with her publicity. Emma has tapped into such a large network of publications and websites, that I had no need to reach out beyond her for publicity. She is very helpful and takes initiative that most would not.

Her work with Suburban Roots has fostered an open environment for artists to network and find support and receptive venues in the area. It is very encouraging and heartening to have ties to an organization that helps local talent find a home. Emma is to thank for that."

Danny Grant, Account Services Manager, CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group
Performer, Suburban Roots Concert Series


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